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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
Rabbit and bertrevert

Fascinating discussion... Is it indeed stringbed responsiveness/flex/feel, or weight/sw, as mentioned? Also, the C10 Pro and 99s, for me, swing just so through the gears so beautifully (especially C10) - and yet specs-wise these are different beasts.... I wish I knew the answer!

On a different matter, having not posted on this thread for a while, seems to me a few of you have gone up in tensions... so what happened with the very low tensions a good few were raving about earlier this year?
Yes indeed. In a different thread, TripleB inadvertently got me to retry the C10. If you look spec-wise, the C10 and 99S they are within 10 pts swing weight. Everything else is basically different. Anyway, I strung one up with the same string I'm using in my 99S and took it out. The launch angle was the big difference between the two, that and the weight of shot the C10 provided. In the end, there was too much water under the bridge for me to even think about going back. I like the 99S as much as the C10.

You are correct, I have upped my tension, but the reason is the Prince Tourna Poly/Syn Gut hybrid that is friendly for that. My old arm just couldn't do 4G at the same tension (58#). As I suspected, I also don't see the benefit of the all-poly snap back. With the poly/syn gut combination, I find more pocketing, comfort, power, and about the same control. Spin is probably the same, the guys I play against still b!tch about my racquet not being legal.
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