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Originally Posted by JRM1 View Post
Hi again,
Ridiculous spin, I hit with a lot anyway, more than I normally get.
An orange Prince experimental poly (guessing new Beast Bite?)
My blade has the stiffness around 64, a complete softer racket, great comfort!
I hit with a lot of spin normally, so it didn't take a lot getting used to but it was, surprisingly even when hitting flatter, still retained control.
Unfortunately not, but we tested 3 rackets. The Tour 100 ESP, Rebel 98 ESP and Warrior 100 ESP. Overall this would be racket of choice if the weight was 11.7 oz and a swingweight around 330.
Really good playtest, one of the best I've hit with in a while!

Good stuff. Can't wait for these things to come out.
Three (3) Prince Tour 100T ESP (16x16), Volkl Cyclone Tour @ 60#, Appealed down to 4.5 NTRP
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