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Default 1st test: Dyreex/multi hybrid

Felt awful compared to my normal babolat gut/ltec 4s setup. Gut/4s setup is 1 year old. Didn't play tennis for 1 whole year. Picked up the racket and still feels great. Great pop, spin, comfort but can be a little too powerful in hot weather.

Dyreex/multifibre had little spin, pop, ball movement comparatively. The strings moved all over the place like a full bed multi. Not easy on the arm either. Felt stiff. Part of it could be I'm used to sweet gut/poly and another part is my tennis muscles have atrophied from not playing for a year.

Next test, full bed Dyreex. If it doesn't perform, I will have a 600 ft reel for sale.

P.S. To be fair to Dyreex, I've never found poly/multi to play as well as full poly or gut/poly so this hybrid test may not mean much.

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