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OK, this view gives a good indication of what I meant when I said:
Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
Judging from where you start and where you land, I'd guess your toss is either straight-up or worse, behind you. Ideally, if you toss the ball but don't hit it, the ball should land ~ 1-2ft inside the court.
One convenient item about your camera placement is that the far lamppost aligns perfectly w/ the baseline, so we can get a nice look at the toss' trajectory.

Look at the serves at timestamps 0:30, 0:46 & 2:28. Follow the balls trajectory and notice that is pretty much follows the lamppost up & down. As a result, all you energy is going up when you hit it.

You get better at 1:10 & 1:28, but your footfault pretty much negates the toss as you've compensated for the toss into the court.

Toss' at 1:46 & 2:10 are real good, but again, you're not leaning in due to the footfault, and your energy is going up, not into the court.

Again, using Rafter as a reference, see this video:
Notice how much his toss goes into the court.

If you must step forward, then take a slight step back when you start your toss (ala Ferrer). I suspect, though, that the reason for the footfault is you are actually tossing the ball correctly, but aren't comfortable leaning in, so you step forward to compensate. Focus on a toss into the court, along with keeping your front foot stationary, and you'll see much better serves.
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