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Experiencing toe jamming with B8, never such issue with B5 or 7 worn in the past... I wear 2 socks but still got a black nail, first in probably 4-5 years. Only about 10 hrs of playing, and shoe string cut at top eyehole.... Could be due to the quality of string, eyehole and/ or the fact I had to lace it tighter to keep my feet from moving in the shoe. So unsure if B8 is an upgrade over B7 yet... but I do like lighter feel with the same solid lateral stability. Will see how it wears after broken in more.
Donnay Silver (327g strung w/ leather + OG & 2g lead at 12), hybrid w/ CyberFlash 17 main & Gosen OGSM 16 cross, Tyger Pocket Pro stringer.
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