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Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
Isn't this what its come to ? hey why not just go ahead and get D1 guys to come join your team ? that will get you that shiny silver plate that saids USTA win
There's DI guys playing USTA NTRP Team Tennis. Usually at the 5.0 level, sometimes lower. There's a new "I played this college player" story every year.

JLyon is correct. Some 18 year olds, self-rate, then sign a LOI (which means nothing to the USTA NTRP), plays a season of team tennis, gets a computer rating, goes to college, plays college tennis, then shows back up next year and kicks ***.

I believe that college players are not supposed to play USTA NTRP League Teamevents during their season, which is most of the school year. But many play a match or two anyway, or just wait until their season is over in the Spring to play USTA NTRP. Now I don't know this to be fact, but I've had two DII players tell me this.
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