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Default 2nd test: Full bed Dyreex Black Edge (DBE)

This time 45/45 full bed DBE on MG Rad Pro...

WOW! What a difference! Full bed DBE snaps back nicely like a poly should. Wicked spin, check. Great control, check. Great feel for a poly, check. Good comfort for a poly, check. Then...something I didn't expect. How you say in American....ah..pocketing,, yes.

Due to work I only got to play 1 hr of doubles but DBE gives me BHBR, Cyclone, ALU type of spin, better feel, more comfort and more explosiveness. It kind of feels/sounds like the string's gears are grinding up the ball for spin and then boom, shoots it out with the type of power rarely seen in polys.

Still gut/poly gives easier power, better feel and comfort esp. in cooler conditions but if you can generate the racket head speed and full bed of rpm, cyclone doesn't bother your arm, DBE is a must try. Full bed DBE gives me precision and control that only a full bed poly could, without sacrificing much power.

I can see a 4.5, 5.0+ generate some sick, controlled spin and pace with these strings. You can see the opponents getting pushed back, flustered when the ball bounces high up to their backhands.

It's only 1 outing so can't get too carried away but I've never had so much free (yet controlled) power from a poly with spin, control, feel and relative comfort. I was serving some flat serve bombs (these strings give off a boom, cannon like sound) and sick kickers.

DBE is for someone who is truly a poly player, advanced with high racket head speed. You can put the ball anywhere on the court with pace and tell your opponent, "I can make you run wherever I want you to."

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