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For an average speed twist serve I actually just stand back and let it drop. As someone said you should be taking a good crack at the ball if you do this because your court position won't be the best.

However, for bigger twist serves, I feel you have to take it early. I basically just use volley- like technique like Lee mentioned with a very short backswing. I find it hard to consistently hit an aggressive return off that serve, I'll often miss-time the ball

A lot depends on your return style though . Not everybody likes slicing/chipping their returns
Dont do that.

I believe you should play tennis as you mean to continue (IN PRACTICE) and play shots that give you the maximum return in tennis improvement and ability.

If you get a short ball in practice that you think you should slice a forehand on and come in as it is a good shot for you dont. Hit a topspin or flat forehand and approach as this is practicing the most favourable shot in this situation.

In a match tiebreak ok you can do whatever slice or chip but in (PRACTICE) always play the game that in the best way you can or the most perfect way you can. If you are chipping second serve returns at 4.5 level you deserve to stay there and never better yourself as a player. Hit the return with a groundstroke bh or fh, you can chip when you are getting owned by 6.0 players serves someday.

Chipping returns is weak. Why not improve your groundstroke return at every opportunity you can, chipping returns is not as effective a shot.

If I had a tennis racquet in my house would it be wise to play with a squash racquet?
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