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Originally Posted by MurrayMyInspiration View Post
First serve return points won 2013
Second serve return points won 2013

10 one handers in top 30.

6 one handers in top 30 of first serve return points won

7 one handers in top 30 second serve return points won.

Dont kid yourself, one hand on a racquet to control a ball coming at a pace of 120mph or 96mph with kick high on your backhand. You think using one hand above shoulder height to control the force of the incoming ball and send it back is easier or just as effective as using two hands.

Just admit you are wrong and apologise for your poor judgement.
Yeah cause that's what happened to Agassi when he lost to Rafter two years straight in Wimbledon, whereas Sampras took him out?

I'm not kidding myself, what's there to apologize for? Go ahead, kick it repeatedly to my backhand and see what happens.
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