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Originally Posted by MurrayMyInspiration View Post
Ughh not gonna bother anymore, you will not see sense, somebody else tell the old guy two hander is an easier shot to return with.

I feel sad for you, I would be a miserable old depressed angry man if I had to play with a one handed backhand with my potential limited.

What is it you play again 3.5 or something? Well done you
Go watch my video and let's see who agrees with you. At the very least, I play.

And I'm 28, you got anymore dumb assumptions? You know what they say, can't spell assumption without the first three letters.

I'll be like you now. I feel sorry for you, for being sad but young (yes? no? I certainly hope you're young, because if you're older and just as ignorant, then I truly feel sorry for you) and ignorant(that I'm sure of, high five?) since you are limited by your two handed backhand (which is not true for other people, I've seen more great two handers than I have one handers, but I'm sure yours is useless). Let me guess, you hang out 10feet behind the baseline and have net-cinitis? Oh and hit the gym man, maybe that's why you hate the one hander because you don't have the strength for it?

Now, to all my fellow two handers out there, ignore the above content. It's only for the ignorant idiot.

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