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This is a fairly ridiculous post.

Of course there are many levels of tennis.

Even at 4.5 the average D1 player is at a totally different level.

and low level pros mixing it up in futures/challengers is yet another level past D1.

Then you have Pro's who actually make a living playing the game.

From there you have pro's that are often in contention for masters 250 titles

Then there are the pro's that might get lucky and win a 500 and on rare occasion a 1000

Then there are pros that are often in contention for 1000 titles

and finally you have Djoker,Nadal, and Murray ... the group who you can almost be sure will win every major title.

It's all tennis.

personally I'm a 3.5 and my strokes look more like what you might call "real tennis" than some 4.5's I know.
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