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Originally Posted by user92626 View Post
I don't know why I feel I'm very slow to get to shots hit to my FH side!

Let's say I am at the center mark, I hop/split step as my opponent hits to my fh corner requiring me to move laterally, which foot should push as the first step? Is there an optimal pattern?
If you have to move far, a drop step is the optimal first movement. For example, I'm right handed and I want to move to the right (my forehand). As I'm dropping down toward the ground out of the split step (assuming I've read the ball in the air), I'll land on my left foot which will start pushing me to the right as my right foot drops under the center of gravity and allows me to start running to the right. My left leg will then cross over.

If you have more time and the ball is close you can sometimes just shuffle to the right or do a small cross over step.
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