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Originally Posted by user92626 View Post

You made me go and look up youtube

Does this guy have a particular pattern on his FH and BH side or it's all random?

It seems like he just hits off whichever foot the timing of his shot dictates
Imo the key is there are many variations and situations. Often you can anticipate your move as you settle in on your split step and already have the weight shifted and ready for your move. Also most of those in the vid don't require fast or far movement.

0:10 secs was an excellent example of what I'm stating. I think it is a serve rtn, where His split is deep, balanced and strong, looking like the situation you asked about initially. Left leg starts to push as the right foot lifts slightly and the hips and body pivot as the right foot step out. Imo, this is for the strongest, fastest move to the right and how we did it as a running back in football.
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