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Originally Posted by TimeSpiral View Post

Oh, shoot ... but to answer your question about the lead foot: If I have to run down a ball, then I split > full turn > run. The turn / run dynamic is something you've been doing since you were a tiny child. Don't over think it. You really just need to cover the max amount of ground in the shortest period of time possible. In other words: just run!
Nice diagrams, TimeS

That's what I initially thought also. Just run. But since asking my question I have figured out my problem and the solution I need!!!

It's not that i'm not fast enough or don't know the best coverage spot. My problem was that I was too rigid and one dimensional with my hitting stance*, meaning, I used only one stance to hit and if I didn't arrive at the same step I'd need adjustment (ie slowing down) or to hit off foot (ie feel weaken). I'm going to start hitting with more stands and different movement directions.

(*It makes sense because I had had a lot of success being consistent though it only worked against average hitter. So never had the need for more. I start to play with better guys now...)

Thanks, everyone
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