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Originally Posted by Big John View Post
The P25, now that I have a couple and am certain that they are P25's as they came in a bag that said so.. are not a blade at all. So the pro stocks blades that I have seen and played with are - H19 (copy of a prestige, often painted as blade 98 or 93), H22 (copy of a radical, mostly painted as a blade 9 and the Kblade pro stock (as written on the bag from the factory again) that also come painted mostly as a blade 98 ).

In summary then -

H22 - comes in different layups, some more flexy, others quite stiff in the head (especially the open pattern ones?), 22mm beam - Former Djoko racquet

H19 - more flexy in the head than the h22, 21mm beam - Former Ivanovic stick, now Monfils

Kblade pro stock - flexier layup of the kblade mold - Raonic racquet

P25 - looks like an extreme or instinct with a slightly less pointy beam, around 65 flex - Azarenka?

And all of them seem to come fairly heavy in the head, with the odd rare exception?

Can anyone else out there add to this?
Just bumping Big John's last sentence... Anyone snagged any of these frames or got any fresh insights or thoughts on these or what some of the pro Bladers are wielding?

BTW, keep the great pics coming!
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