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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Oh, the TIMING of you being able to hit serves with conti....
Has nothing to do with the actual gripchange.
Has everything to do with you being sick and tired of your pancake serve, and now your skills allow you to hit serves with conti grip.
Hey LeeD, you seem to be pretty educated about tennis, can you give me some tips?
-Should I not even focus on my first serve at all for HS Tennis?(1st Singles at my area is not too good, they usually have a 100mph serve and laser forehands, or amazing consistent topspin groundstrokes, but never both).
-One of the higher ranked players for HS in my area(number 7 last year) uses a decent kick/topspin serve for his first serve, should I try and emulate that?
-Should I focus on my serve or my weak two handed backhand more before the start of the season(in March)?
-Can I practice my serve somehow in the winter without an indoor tennis membership?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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