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Default For groundies, stay low and balanced or explode up?

There seem to be two conflicting, yet credible ideas about how to use the legs on a stroke. One idea is to stay low and balanced through strokes, and the other is to push off with the legs to gain power and spin.

When I watch good 4.5 and 5.0 players, they always seem balanced. They rarely fall back, go airborne, etc. The mostly stay low and maintain balance throughout the shot. I have heard tennis pros suggest this.

I have also heard pros suggest players "sit and lift" out of a shot, meaning to explode up with the legs. I also see pros do this fairly often and high level juniors (at least in the 12s and under) do it on almost every stroke.

So, which do you think is correct? I feel like it's much easier to be consistent when a player is not doing things that add extra movement like pushing off with the lgs.
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