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^^^ No, that's not what we were discussing - user92 was asserting that landing the split with the hips open to the intended direction of travel would be difficult (and dangerous for a rec player) - nothing to do with hitting stances.

Also, it is not proven that a crossover step is proven to be the fastest way to reach a wide ball - the drop step/gravity step is 52% more efficient in tests in reaching and controlling a wide ball than the jab/pivot step (as described by me), which in turn is more efficient that a straight crossover.

For a rec player the jab step is the easiest to learn and therefore a quick win in terms of increasing ability to cover the wide ball, which I why i suggested it to the OP in advance of the grav step.

Example wide forehand
So you are saying the fastest is split>land>move right foot first> crossover step with left foot and continue running

is faster than split>land with right foot pointing to the right>push off right leg and begin as left leg comes over for crossover step and continue running?

I just dont see it.

This is perfect movement footwork by Murray exactly how I describe as the fastest way to move. Watch:
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