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Originally Posted by Chico View Post
First - please don't insult me.

Second - I never said Nadal didn't deserve to win USO, he did, because Novak was playing bad and spraying UEs for half of the match, but that was no dismantling, sorry.

The FO SF 2013 Nadal didn't deserve to win though and I will never admit he was, since I think what I say is true, but that is a different story.
Actually, don't act like you are insulted. You conveniently use that whenever you don't agree with someone to play the victim.

Oh, that was quite backhanded about the USOpen.

Nadal should have demolished Novak in 3-4 at the most, but took his eye off the ball. He totally outplayed him. You can whine all you want, but Novak didn't come close to deserving to beat Nadal at FO SF 2013.
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