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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
No matter how many years you have been playing tennis, you will ALWAYS be working on both your first and second serves.
Starting out, work on second serves, because you WILL miss most of your first serves for more than 5 years. That way, at least you second has a chance of finding it's way into the court.
You will NEVER be satisfied with EITHER your first or second serves, because you can never practice them enough.
Why? You ask?
1st serves.....flats up the middle, out wide, into the body.
Top/slices out wide, into the body.
Twists out wide the other side, into the body.
That's at least SEVEN different locations and different spins, for first serves alone.
No kidding.

I think developing a decent second serve is far more important at his level. Unless a player has a dominating first serve, he's not going to get that many free points off it. But if he has a weak second, he will always be under pressure.

Put another way, the difference between a good and average first is not as important as between a good and average second.
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