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Originally Posted by brianb76 View Post
Anyone every tried? Did it adveresly effect your shots?

Im still getting over my golfers elbow and with it getting cold was thinking of trying one...
I love the skins sold here at TW:

I wouldnt buy them thinking they will add support to your elbow. They do but it is minimal. Definitely does the circulation thing and for a while with TE I was wearing them 24/7. I think they helped.

They probably dont recommend this but some nights it was hard to sleep so I would put on some tigerbalm and then the sleeve.

Even now I will put on some peppermint oil which is just menthol and put the sleeve on and go play. It is great because as you sweat the peppermint gets absorbed more and really feels great. Not recommending this because I think the sleeves say not to do stuff like that, but its ok for me.
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