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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
Honestly, I almost never have a bad day on the courts. I used to have a bad day at least once per week or so, but then learned a couple of good warmup habits that really did the trick.

In the warm up, I focus on 2 main things....position on the ball for a good contact point and keeping the head still/eye on the ball...

My swing is pretty solid, so most of the technique stuff is not usually a problem. Really seems that if I make that habit of getting a good look a the ball in warm up, then that really carries over to the match quite well. Any framing or mishits are a cue that my focus is slipping and to step it up.

This has worked like a dream for me for years.
A good warm-up routine really helps. Unlike 5263 I have to start with the swing mechanics. There are a couple of things I consistently do incorrectly if I don't emphasize them first. I first focus on hitting my set-up positions and creating the proper swing path. I just groove that at very slow pace against the wall from about half court. I practice fh, 2hbh, 1hbh slice.

After that's happening then I make sure the still head, eyes on the cp thing is there. Last for me is the footwork and balance. By this point I'm all the way back hitting mostly at a moderate pace.

If something breaks down I go back to the mini-tennis and fix it.

I have lots of bad days still, but this routine seems to reduce them quite a bit.
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