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Originally Posted by coolblue123 View Post
define bad day? were the balls landing out? balls hitting the net? then hit with more margin.

if the opponent is better than u that day and all the strategies in ur tool chest is not working out, learn from it for the next match.
Mostly balls going out, but a few going into the net, particularly when starting a warm up rally. Nothing more irritating than hitting two into the net consecutively.

Specifically, it comes down to not contacting the call well. I can hear the difference in sound when I contact the ball well and when I contact badly, yesterday there was a lot of the latter, resulting in balls going out and miss-hits. When I tried to slow the pace it felt forced and unnatural.

It also felt like the shots were over very quickly.

Originally Posted by rkelley View Post
A good warm-up routine really helps. Unlike 5263 I have to start with the swing mechanics. There are a couple of things I consistently do incorrectly if I don't emphasize them first. I first focus on hitting my set-up positions and creating the proper swing path. I just groove that at very slow pace against the wall from about half court. I practice fh, 2hbh, 1hbh slice.
As I'm not contacting the ball properly I'd hazard a guess that I'm not swinging well. Any specific tips to help?
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