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i know it's not fresh, but... who do you think should play armstrong ?

Bradley Cooper Joins Lance Armstrong Movie, 'Red Blooded American'
The Huffington Post | By Kia Makarechi
Posted: 08/16/2013 5:57 pm EDT | Updated: 08/16/2013 6:29 pm EDT

Bradley Cooper has signed up for a still-developing Lance Armstrong movie, according to a new report on According to the industry news site, Cooper is joining "Red Blooded American" as a producer and will play a major role in the film, though it's unclear which of the two parts roles he'll take.

Up for grabs are the characters of Armstrong himself and Tyler Hamilton, Armstrong's longtime buddy and ex-teammate. Sports fans will remember Hamilton as the man who appeared on "60 Minutes" to deliver a damning account of Armstrong's use of banned substances, and the focal point of Armstrong's ensuing vitriol.

This is hardly the only Armstrong movie that's starting to take form. In addition to Jay Roach and Warner Bros.' version, which is the one Cooper was just attached to, there's a J.J. Abrams film in the works at Paramount, and Working Title has a Stephen Frears take on the fall of the seven-time Tour de France champion coming as well. Ben Foster has been cast as the lead in Frears' forthcoming film.

Cooper was initially reported as having been approached by Abrams, but he denied that report, so it doesn't appear as though he switched teams in the peloton of industry heavyweights vying for the yellow jersey that is the first Armstrong movie to hit theaters. (Sorry.)

For more on the race to the finish line (sorry again), head over to

the list in their slideshow includes:
- Matthew McConaughey
- Jake Gyllenhaal
- Jeremy Renner
- Ryan Gosling
- Sam Worthington
- Joseph Gordon-Levitt
- Tom Cruise
- Jared Leto
- Damian Lewis
- Christian Bale
- Kevin Bacon
- Daniel Day-Lewis

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