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Originally Posted by rkelley View Post
A good warm-up routine really helps. Unlike 5263 I have to start with the swing mechanics. There are a couple of things I consistently do incorrectly if I don't emphasize them first. I first focus on hitting my set-up positions and creating the proper swing path.

After that's happening then I make sure the still head, eyes on the cp thing is there. Last for me is the footwork and balance.
I do some of the above things and also while I have "eyes on the cp" I try to relax my arm even more on the FH (maybe even do a bit of that snap-back)....

Do't go for the lines anymore, send a few hard balls towards the center (or at least cc).

Lastly, what helped me was playing for the first time indoor once Monday, where the conditions were ideal and my game just clicked. The next day, when I've struggled a bit more, once again playing outdoors, I remembered the good feeling from playing inside and didn't blame myself too much (but rather the conditions). Anyways after having hit the ball so clean indoors, it carried a bit outdoors as well...
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