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Originally Posted by dknotty View Post
At the moment not that often (2x a week or so), recovering from an injury so taking it quite gentle at the moment. While my mobility is reduced I don't think that's the cause as I last hit on Sunday and was hitting the ball much better.
One of the things that works for me when I start playing badly is to change my swing from modern back to traditional and vice versa.

Last night I was playing one of my regular rivals. I played my game in the first set with good penetrating, spinny shots to the corners and won 6-3. In the second set I lost a lot of feel and energy and he bageled me. I started the third set playing just like I did in the second set, playing awful. And I finally decided to change things up a bit. So I stopped trying to hit my big, spinny groundstrokes and started hitting more traditional flat balls, finishing nice and high. This changed the momentum. I started winning points. And gradually I got my feel back and was able to start hitting with pace and spin again.
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