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Dad...with all due respect you should be the happiest guy on the junior tennis planet. We play the 10s and 12s and there is no monitor at all in 99% of the matches. Add in the fact in SE FL we have academy kids under huge pressure to win, Russian and Serbian parents who will do anything to help their kids win, entitled Palm beacher parents..... and its a mad house.

You guys at least stood a fighting chance. Just having the girl there would likely discourage many cheaters and bullies. And the odds are the monitor will make more good calls than bad. At least there is the feeling that your kid is not out there in a Mad Max scenario match after match.

I was the one that made the suggestion of having someone there...seniors, high school, college...anyone. and your post makes me think its a great idea 1000 times over.

After the nightmare we have been through down here which caused us recently to bail on tournaments and just focus on development....your situation of having any monitor at all, with the chance he/she helps even a little to stem the tidal wave of bullies and cheaters sounds like a dream come true!!

You need to imagine that same match, except with an academy kid with dad coaching him in Russian, looking like he is really 14 years old with a fake certificate, saying "are you sure" every other point, changing the scores, with no monitor within 10 does your son's match experience seem that bad?

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