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Default More effective to hit heavy topspin balls deep or short?

Assuming that even if you hit the ball short (i.e. in the service box), because of the topspin, the ball would still kick forward and up so would be head height or above by the time it reaches the baseline - is it better to hit short?

Because, if you hit that same ball deep, you give a good player the option of hitting it on the rise before it gets up too high on their strikezone.

If you hit the ball deep, they do not have the option to take the ball on the rise - because the ball bounced all the way on the service line. Unless they want to half volley balls on the service line (in which case you could slap the next shot deep and past them), they are forced to hit balls above their strikezone on the baseline...?

So is it better to hit heavy topspin short or deep?
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