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Originally Posted by Gyswandir View Post
Actually, this is not such an idiotic thread. If I recall correctly, Agassi once described playing against Nadal and cited that he considered it a "new type of tennis" exactly due to the variation in depth with heavy topspin.
I don't remember the exact words, but it was something like he had to step into the court for the shorter balls, then get caught in a bad position with the deeper shots.

So, in my opinion, if I HAD TO choose one, I'd choose deep, but if I could hit at will, I'd use both.
Deep, deeper, and deepest. Deeper is always better unless you miss long. Only times when deeper is not better are short angles, drop shots, and passing shots.

On fast court like Shanghai, Agassi would have an absolute field day on Nadal's shorter topspin balls. Nadal would be on defense all day or watching the ball go by.
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