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Originally Posted by Graf1stClass View Post
well, if you're going for wide angles, shorter balls are more effective, so long as they still have pace.
Threads like this are so unfortunate ... not because the OP is a troll (which he either (a) definitely is, or (b) is trying hard to understand tennis and publishing his progress) because a random person might come by and read the OP and take it seriously.

It's really for that reason alone questions like this have to be answered, and errors in the OP must be addressed.
  1. Hitting the ball on the rise is difficult. If you can pin the guy behind the baseline and force him to take the ball early, you're in a great spot. Professional tennis players can and will do anything to gain an advantage, like taking the ball early, or holding on to the ball and playing it late. These guys are masters of tennis. The rec player trying to emulate techniques like that has a lot of training to do.
  2. Generally speaking, hitting a rally ball short is considered "bad news." You'll get people who come in and say, "well in situation (a) and (b) this can be effective ..." Well yeah; obviously. Short angles, drop shots, cc chips to lure your opponent in are all great and technical shots, but the OP is talking about rally balls, not specialty shots.
  3. The OP said something to the effect that topspin shots hit shorter than the service line would "[...] still kick forward and up so would be head height or above by the time it reaches the baseline." NO, DUDE! This does not happen (except in rare circumstances). Not even Nadal is dropping the ball short of the service line and kicking it up to head height on ground strokes.
Topspin rally balls dropped inside the service line are sitting ducks for your opponents to hit approaches, drops, winners, and all sorts of shots that equal trouble for you.
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