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Originally Posted by dknotty View Post
Had a session today, tough conditions due to wind and I wasn't contacting the ball well at all. Got the feeling that the shots were over very quickly, not the most satisfying session at all.

How do you try and bring yourself back to good form on these days?
Depends on how "bad" these days are? My "bad" days aren't as bad as they were last year because my game is much more consistent. I've set the bar higher for myself so I don't feel that I have too many days that are outright awful. It's more that I have days that weren't as good as the day before perhaps.

That said, if I'm framing an inordinate number of backhands, I just stop because there's clearly something off with my technique (assuming we're talking about a practice session here, not a match). If one thing seems off, I always assume it's a technical problem, and I just work at that one thing for a little while. Sometimes it's good to just stop playing all together so that you have time to reflect on what you're doing. More practice can be a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing if you're practicing something over and over incorrectly.
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