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My son, and by extension I, have been fortunate not to run into too much bad behavior or cheating... until today in the semis of a 12U tournament. A textbook case - very emotional kid, "come-on" after my son's UEs or DFs, moaning/yelling/banging his racquet on his own mistakes, talking to, and getting talked to by parents sitting at the fence in another language, and yes, everything close was called out.

My son won the first set by just plowing though it. Then the hooking got worse and he dropped the second. Between the second and third set break, he asked an official to watch the third set. With the official there for the first 4 games (and 2 overrules and a warning for racquet abuse) my son won 6-1 in the third.

Having not run into this before, I was proud of how he kept his composure and did the right thing in getting an official. I stayed out of it, although it wasn't easy!
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