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Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
1) anything tight enough to lend "support" will likely prevent circulation to an area. This is called a "tourniquet."
2) you feel your elbow needs "support" while you sleep??
3) as oil and water are not soluble together, it seems pretty unlikely that sweat coming out of your arm would somehow promote absorption of an oil.
See maggmaster's post. When you sweat the pores open and the peppermint is better absorbed. Try it.

I was pretty clear I thought that the sleeve didnt lend to support, but did give improved blood flow.

While I sleep it stays warm and the blood is flowing more and healing more.
Originally Posted by maggmaster View Post
The opening of the pores allows for more absorption doesn't it? Not that I know of any real medicinal benefit of peppermint oil.
Yep. It is interesting how you put it on and it gets cold but later when you sweat it gets even colder.

Its essentially menthol. The benefit is that it helps with the pain and lets me play without pain and sleep through the night, which IMHO helps with healing.

If I put tiger balm on it which I do would that be OK????? My 2 cents is that the peppermint oil does the same thing just not as strong.

I think it helps with inflammation too, but dont care enough to look for medical literature to that effect.
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