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Originally Posted by urban View Post
Jack Kramer called the Grand Slam in 1969 the greatest achievement in the history of tennis. That was at Forest Hills in September 1969. McCormack, the big promoter of golf stars, took Laver as the first tennis star under his tutelage, but only when he won the GS in 1969. No slam, no contract. Laver wrote a book (of course Bud Collins wrote it) of his 1969 season. It would have been cancelled, if the GS would have failed. No slam, no book.
I'm not sure how accurate that is.

This link says IMG (McCormack) signed Laver on September 19th, 1968, nearly a full year before completing his Grand Slam.

This link mentions Bud Collins' book written with Laver, but says "The Slam made little initial impact outside of the cloistered world of tennis, but over the years it gradually has grown in stature."

As for Kramer's quote (I'll mention I couldn't find it online)... I love Kramer, but he had plenty to gain by saying that, as his promotion work was a major reason why an Open Era Slam became possible. He also wrote a few years later that he was positive Gonzales could've beat Laver regularly. It's possible that he thought Laver wasn't the best but had the best achievement, but still a bit suspect IMO.
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