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Originally Posted by f.truong View Post
Hey everyone, i'm not sure if it's only me but most times when I play a match I have trouble hitting the ball back after my serve is returned. I serve relatively fast probably in the 100-90mph for my first serve. But the problem is when my serve is returned I have problems hitting it back over, either I over hit it or under hit it. It feels like I can't get back in the groove after. Is there any tips for this problem?
Pics or it didn't happen.

Anyone else dubious about this? OP is claiming to serve at near-ATP levels on his first serve, yet needs tips on hitting ground strokes on the return?

What level are you playing at, OP? Futures, challengers, D1?

Perhaps you're talking about the second serve, because only 10% of your first serves land in? Are you six foot five inches tall?

Little help here, please.
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