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Originally Posted by TimeSpiral View Post
Anyone else dubious about this? OP is claiming to serve at near-ATP levels on his first serve, yet needs tips on hitting ground strokes on the return?

What level are you playing at, OP? Futures, challengers, D1?
Actually, OP seems legit (and familiar to me). Serving a tennis ball flat, 95 mph, isn't too difficult. It's consistency and placement that separate ATP and park rec, speed aside for a moment. Imo, if we're talking serve stats and speeds, ATP-level tends to start at hitting 70% top-slice first serves at approx. 110 mph with a target 6 inches wide. Few ATP players hit flat 95 mph serves.
From personal experience, my returning skills lag extremely far behind my serve, which has lead to problems in my matches. I couldn't start the point because I couldn't put a return into play, and when I played excellent returners, I would essentially have to end the point in 3 shots to have any chance of holding.

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