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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Junior tennis is unlike any other sport. In every other sport the pros and juniors look alike from a standpoint of scoring and rule enforcement. Junior tennis is the only sport on earth, either pros or kids, where there is no one to enforce the rules.

Every other sport has score keepers in the pros, score keepers for kids. They all have refs for pros and refs for kids. Tennis is the only sport where kids have to enforce their own rules and keep their own scores yet at the pro level there are scorekeepers and refs.

In every other sport kids have a buffer between them and aggressive parents....adults to enforce the rules.
I do appreciate the problem. Competitive golf is a lot different, but players have to keep score and enforce rules there as well. Pickup basketball, even organized team practices, have the same dynamic of having to call fouls. Little League baseball is notorious for aggressive parents, although there are other adults present.

The bottom line here is that if your kid wants to keep playing, he will have to learn to deal with it. He will face the same problem as he moves up the junior ladder, plays high school or college, even in pro challenger events, where the stakes are a lot higher.

Since this seems to be a chronic problem that almost everyone involved in juniors complains about, I have to wonder if there isn't an opportunity for someone to begin organizing tournaments with some level of minimal supervision. Would parents be prepared to shell out an extra $5 per match to have a high school player ref'ing each match?
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