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Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
You're simply wrong, so you should just give it up. Donald Young, much like Nadal, mainly hits a heavy spin lefty serve. There's a difference between hitting a flat 90mph serve and hitting a 101mph topspin slice serve that is well placed.

Most likely the OP is falling off balance when hitting the serve and is not preparing for the ball to come back. If you block a fast flat serve back to the server, you can often force an error. The OP needs to practice on landing and then transitioning to a split step off of the serve. He also needs to be able to back up quickly to get a decent shot at the return.
Yep. You're right. You cannot compare the pace of a 101 MPH serve to the pace of a 100 MPH serve

You guys continue to discuss this guy's unsubstantiated claim of 100 MPH first serve return game issues. I will back off.
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