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Originally Posted by TimeSpiral View Post
Yep. You're right. You cannot compare the pace of a 101 MPH serve to the pace of a 100 MPH serve

You guys continue to discuss this guy's unsubstantiated claim of 100 MPH first serve return game issues. I will back off.
No, you can't. 3.0s have returned 100mph+ flat serves I've hit at them (I own a radar gun). They would not be able to do that against Nadal's 100mph standard serve. I know this because I've watched Nadal's serve from court level. Nadal's serve and mine are completely different things.

There needs to be less focus on perhaps inaccurate estimates of ball speed here and fewer hurt egos. The OP's original question was legitimate. Returning a serve at the server's feet can garner you a lot of free points. Djokovic has a very good return game and this is what he often does. The OP either needs better serve placement or he needs to learn how to quickly recover from the serve to be ready to return the ball.
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