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Originally Posted by YaoPau View Post
Thanks for the reply.

Totally agree that Laver's 1969 Slam was legit, I just wonder if he sees people going nuts about it 40 years later and just smiles to himself. There was basically nobody outside him and Rosewall in the '68 French, with bottom-of-the-barrel attendance for the '68 Aussie. I can't imagine he saw the legit draws in '69 and said "whoa, if I just win these four former Amateur slam tournaments in particular out of a group of the dozen really good tournaments that people care about on tour I'll be put on a special pedestal for the rest of history".
I am confused by your comment.

The 1968 French had outstanding participation: outside of these two, there was Andres Gimeno, Roy Emerson, Pancho Gonzales, Fred Stolle, Lew Hoad, Jan Kodes, etc. What more do you want.

I can't say what Laver's mindset was then, but it is important to realize that these four events were already a big deal due to their inherent prestige. We're talking prestige that carried over from the amateur era as well.
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