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Originally Posted by Flash O'Groove View Post
Both of them have won it three times and been runner-up two times. They have beaten each other here. They have been in their prime nearly at the same time, playing the same field. I don't think that you can reasonably argue that they are not in the same league!

Wilander did it younger tough, and I believe he could have won RG many times more if he had Lendl, Sampras, Federer or Nadal's dedication to chase titles. He stopped to care after being number 1 in 1988 (only 24 years old!).
I wouldnt say they are in a different league neccessarily. Just not so close that considering everyone in history they should be only 1 spot apart. Maybe in the Open Era alone they could be 1 spot apart on clay (although even then I have Lendl at 3rd and Wilander 5th in the Open Era).

As for Wilander fizzling out after 88 he was a grinder without big weapons beyond his amazing consistency and court smarts, who I think burnt out mentally and physically after 7 years of playing that style at the very top level. I wouldnt say he ever lacked dedication, that was the biggest thing that made his career in the first place.
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