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Originally Posted by NJ1 View Post
Yup, there is. First, is it the medial side? I'm assuming it is and the fix is to pull the laces tight all the way up the shoe except the final eyelet on the medial side. Don't pull this tight (you can the top eyelet on the lateral side) and then tie the laces. You should be able to put your fingers between the medial side and bend it back. You'll have no more issues yet your foot will still be secured.

I still have the scar from 18 months back from my B7s (had the same ankle collar as the 8s) which is from before I knew about this. I wore Mueller athletic tape over the cut while it healed, it's great stuff and may be worth trying while the ankle collar softens up a little (it will only ever soften slightly, so make sure to follow the above lacing advice).

Hope it makes sense and works for you.
it is the medial side. i dont quite follow the lacing instructions. are you saying to not use the top medial eyelet but lace everything else tight including the top lateral eyelet? thanks
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