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Hey everyone, i'm not sure if it's only me but most times when I play a match I have trouble hitting the ball back after my serve is returned. I serve relatively fast probably in the 100-90mph for my first serve. But the problem is when my serve is returned I have problems hitting it back over, either I over hit it or under hit it. It feels like I can't get back in the groove after. Is there any tips for this problem?
Not knowing your level/rating, and your ability to track and react to the ball as it is coming back at you is critical to give you feedback. Assuming you are a 3.0 to 3.5 player, what I noticed in most cases with these level players is that, on the return of the ball (after your serve) is that the player has poor reaction skills, either out of position after split step, or taking an unnecessary full swing at the ball. Keep it simple, track the ball as best you can, create space between your position and the ball, take a half swing or punch at the ball, and work on your contact point. Good luck.
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