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I tested the Babolat Pro Tour Traction, Pacific X Trac and Yonex Super Grap this week. For me, I preferred the Super Grap by a significant margin. All three were easy to install, but seemed like the Super Grap went on smoothest.

As to playability, the Pro Tour Traction was my least favorite. Felt too busy with all the grooves. Was almost distracting to me. The Pacific X Trac never quite felt comfortable. It is likely in my head, but could not get the feel i wanted. I would use this grip in a pinch, but much preferred the Super Grap.

The Super Grap is nice because it is perfectly smooth. Has no logos or patterns. Did not slip at all and I liked the feel. I just bought a couple of rolls and will try to not think about grips for awhile. It is quite the rabbit hole to jump into.
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