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Originally Posted by newpball View Post
I don't think it is about right and wrong but he could have potentially saved all this drama by sending an email and texting everybody right away. That he does not agree with that and actually tries to find off-base arguments against it does not really speak for him IMHO.

I think it takes a little effort to admit that emailing and texting would have been a good idea.
Mmmm, no.

You assume that more information is better than less information.

As a player, I do not want to receive texts, emails or calls unless there is something of great importance that affects me directly. That we are short a player and the doubles line-up may need to be scrambled does not affect me, so please do not call/text/email me about it.

Each thing my captain sends to me will receive my prompt attention. If my captain sends too much stuff, I will give each thing less attention. I do not appreciate receiving "false alarms."

If you text me while I am on the way to the match, I will literally pull over, get my phone out of my purse, get my reading glasses and then grind the fillings out of my teeth when I see that your text is "Short a player. Will scramble doubles line-up. Still working on it . . ." Please, don't.

Had I been the Diva, I would have showed up at the facility on time, as usual. When line-ups were exchanged, I would have learned in the team huddle that I was no longer playing with Kim but was playing with Diana. I would have then gone off and played my match with Diana.

No need to give me any more notice or information than that.
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