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Agassi's slam was a "career slam" not a Grand Slam. Big difference!

Yes, Agassi's career slam is probably the best. But (nothing against Agassi in particular), in general I believe that the career slam is the silliest, emptiest, and most vapid accolade in all of tennis "honors".

It is a recent creation of brainless, shallow journalistic hype. It was invented largely to attempt to whip up some interest in a dwindling American tennis audience that was uninterested.

It and two dollars might buy you a cup of coffee, if you're lucky.

It is in that hallowed group along with the Serena Slam, the Martina Slam, the Golden Slam, and the Bryan Bros. Slam. (Heck, even the Channel Slam and the Old World Triple Slam have more cachet and history.)
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