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Originally Posted by newpball View Post
As soon as I would find out a player is sick I would let everybody know by email and text.

I suppose you won't.
That's OK we all have our ways.
No. I do not send out notices of line-up changes to the whole team.

I tell the people who are affected, only. If there is a substitute captain, of course I tell her.

This is actually one of the things I detest about TennisOne. Every time a line-up changes, I get a new email. I panic a little, wondering if I was in the original line-up, wondering if I have missed something. Or maybe I am getting this new email because the time changed, or the location. Each time, I have to go to my calendar and see, yep, I already had myself playing that match and the only thing that has changed is that Sally sprained her ankle. Gah!!

And then when I need to search for the match information, I have a bazillion eTennisTeam messages to search to find the latest one for this particular match.
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