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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Ground rules for communication?

In addition to spelling out the team's goals, helping players register and self-rate, polling the team regarding preferred partners, collecting contact information, setting up a line-up system like TennisOne or GoogleDrive, and managing the money, captains are also supposed to tell players how the captain will communicate in case of some unspecified emergency that may or may not happen?

Here's a ground rule, I guess: If you want to know something, ask.
My post was directed at the OP but that's a good list... The teams I have captained or organized in any sport I was also clear up front that team decisions are made based on everyone's and all reasonable accommodations will be made but in the end it is not a democracy any team decision is mine to make (and the co-captain's). In almost 30 years of adult team sports there's only been a few occasions when I had to make a decision on the spot without consulting the team. I also expect this when I am a part of a team that I am not the captain and honor the captain's decision without question. If I don't like the way the team is being managed, I just won't play for that team in the following season but will honor that captain's decision for the time I am on the team.
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