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Originally Posted by Posture Guy View Post
Wow, a lot of "interesting" responses on this thread.

I just signed up for my first team league in many, many years. You know what I know about my first match? It's Saturday at 11am at a local high school. When I show up, the captain can deploy me any way he sees fit. The only thing that would upset me would be if he told me to come and I blocked my schedule out and then he didn't play me at all. If that happened, I'd be done with that team. Other than that, he can use me as he sees fit. He's the captain. I'll do as I'm told.

Some people have lost sight of what it means to be the MEMBER of a TEAM.

I've only been playing USTA a couple of years and fortunately had good captains and teams to captain. That said... Tennis has far more "interesting" team politics and dynamics than any other sports that I have played. A lot of it in my area has to do with posturing for a better NTRP rating. I really could care less but a LOT of folks are obsessed with that 1 decimal place number. Some captains only put themselves (and their close friends) in a favorable position to win, some folks do not like playing with a weaker partner, others are not available to play against strong teams...
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