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Default Different Swings

I'm curious if anyone else here has different ways of swinging the racquet to hit in different directions.

To hit a forehand down the line, I either use a flattish sidespin with a windshield wiper finish, a flat-slice skidder slice or a buggy whip topspin shot.

I hit all deep crosscourt forehands with a flattish topspin swing that's quite old-fashioned but hit inside-out and get acute crosscourt angles with my buggy whip forehand.

Off the backhand, I can go in any direction with either topspin, flat-topspin, flat-slice or heavy slice, though I tend to shorten the takeback a bit for acute crosscourt angles. And I can also hit on the rise much more comfortably with the backhand regardless of whether I use slice or topspin. I'm sure there are others here like me.

However, I suspect the reason why I have to use so many different swings for my forehand is that I have much poorer coordination off my right side, even though I am a right-hander, so learning a different stroke is actually easier for me than trying to adapt one stroke and the timing for different purposes.

Incidentally I miss fewer high backhand volleys (I hit a semi-smash drive-volley) or backhand overheads (a lot less power, obviously, but few balls going out or into the net) and I really don't know why that's so though it does seem to be a family trait - my siblings, most of my uncles, aunts, cousins, and nephews who play tennis are all stronger off the backhand, even the left-handers.

Sometimes I wonder if preferring backhands is a genetic mutation like having three eyes or six fingers
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